Friday, September 12, 2014

When Raju met CV on 06 Sep

Guess who came calling in today? CV !! We had a two-man blog get-together for about two and a half hours about????? crosswords , crosswords and crosswords !! We didn't even know how the time flew !! He is travelling to Madurai tomorrow setting off at 530am !! I admire his intrepid spirit to travel with his frail frame ! Here's A pic of us both.

A S and a B meet!

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  1. I am where I am !! It is CV who took the trouble of travelling to meet me !! The caption should be CV meets Raju. (mountain meets mohammed ? No, it should be the other way around !! Thanks to him . He also gave me a few tips on software for compiling, an area where my head is literally in the clouds !!