Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Kishore's trip to Chennai Jul 12

Report by Kishore
I had been to Chennai (somehow I still call it Madras) over the last weekend to call in on Uncle Sam's consuls to get their green signal for my proposed sojourn to the US of A. CV was kind enough to help me with the hotel booking at a short notice. We met for dinner on Sunday night and a couple of photos taken at that time are attached for uploading to THC families.

We spent a nice hour and half together and they also gave me a nice book "Management -Say it with fun" which has great cartoons by Gopulu of the Ananda Vikatan accompanied by cryptic one liners by R Natarajan- a thoughtful present.

 Mrs Lalitha Bhargav, Mrs Gita Rishikesh, Mr CG Rishikesh, Mr CG Bhargav and Kishore

Mrs Gita Kishore, Mrs Lalitha Bhargav, Mrs Gita Rishikesh, Mr CG Rishikesh and Mr CG Bhargav

We also visited CV's house where I had the occasion to look at his wonderful collection of books, especially crossword books, which provided an insight into the pre-computer era setting methods. We also met CV's daughter in law and grand daughter. We were also treated to a sumptuous and toothsome dinner.

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