Sunday, February 12, 2012

S & B 4, 11 Feb 12, Chennai

Here are some of the snaps taken at S&B 4.

 CV welcoming Ajeesh as Padmanabhan looks on

Devanathan(Arden) looks on

 Nikhil and David

 L to R Sudhakar Rao from the back!!, Ajeesh, Dr Sumitra, Dr Pankajam, Bhavan & Amudha Bhavan

Ajeesh, Dr Pankajam, Amudha Bjavan, Bhavan with Devanathan taking a look see.

L to R  Devanathan (Arden), Padmanabhan, Muthaiah, Rengaswamy, Sudharshan Rao, VP, Ajeesh, Amudha Bhavan, David John, Bhavan, Chaturvasi, Sudhakar Rao (Sudharshan's brother), Anuradha (Sudarshan's sister), Dr Pankajam, Rajalakshmi, Dr Sumitra

and here is the link to the article that appeared in The HINDU on 12 Feb 12

1 comment:

  1. A good time was had by all, as they say?

    Got gobbled up in CBE and missed the Sloggers and bloggers.

    There's always another day, another time.

    At least, we can put some faces to the names now. Nice candid pictures, with a crossword backgrpound. ho was the shutterbug?

    When and where's the next ?

    Must be soon but certainly not in mad Madras.