Monday, August 9, 2010

S & B Meet Chennai 08 Aug 10

Photos of the S & B Meet No 1 held at Chennai on 08 Aug 10

Bhargav opening the wine at Chaturvasi's residence

Discussing how to sideline NJ

From L to R Gita Iyer, S Muthaiah, Chaturvasi, Mrs Chaturvasu, Vijay (VJ), Dr Sreenivasan's nephew, Bhargav, Dr D Sreenivasan and Self after polishing off the wine and enroute for the lunch

At the lunch venue ie Rasam restaurant
From L to R are Self, Gita, Dr Pankajam, Dr Sumitra, Chaturvasi, Dr Sreenivasan, Dr Pankajam's colleague, Vijay (VJ) and Muthaiah

 Hungry S&B'rs waiting for their 'saapad'

 Mrs Vijay and Vijay (our crossword finisher from the Orkut group)

Gita, Divya Kumar ex Hindu, Divya's husband, Dr DS's nephew & Mrs Vijay
still waiting and admiring Dr DS's display below

Dr DS displaying his copy of the 8 ft long crossword!!

Vijay telling us about himself

Bhargav enjoys a joke

Muthaiah listens in

Dr DS & Chaturvasi in a serious discussion

Gita too enjoying the joke

Divya prepares to take our cribs to The HINDU while her husband Shyam and Dr DS's nephew look on

Chaturvasi our CCE from the Orkut group posing for a photograph

Dispersal now that it's all over

Au revoir till the next meet. 
Gita wants the next meet at Granite Bay, CA, USA hmmmmm.....

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