Friday, August 13, 2010

PSG Tech 74 Batch Get together at Munnar 09 - 11 Aug 2010

Here are some photographs of my college (PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore) 1974 batch get together at Munnar.
 At Kolukkumalai hilltop location of the Highest Organic tea gardens.

 View from Kolukkumalai hilltop

 At the Kolukkumalai tea factory

 Self & wife amongst the tea bushes

 Self & wife with a collegemate Col MS Parameswaran & his wife Vasanthi

 The 74 batch lot who made it to the meet

At the entrance of Sterling Resort, Munnar

 A waterfall close to the Resort

 Amongst the tea gardens on the way back from Munnar


  1. Lovely pics. Have heard of the place for long. Feel like making a trip very soon.

  2. Beautiful pics, Deepak. My heart always lifts up when I see a waterfall cascading down.

    Nice that batch mates met after so many years.

    It takes some organisation but well worth it!

  3. Heartwarming! Our second son graduated from the same college.

  4. Relatively unspoiled tranquil hill station, great place to recharge one's jaded batteries.
    Nice pics Colonel.

  5. The verdant scenery with hills in the background is absolutely charming. It must have been extremely nice to meet up with your old college chums in such relaxing environs.

    Are we right in presuming that 1974 refers to the year of passing out (graduation)?

  6. I can now understand how you remain so young and active.Touchwood!

    Great to have such a group outing and whoever organised this, deserves a pat on the back.Not an easy job to collect '74batchmates.

    Had been to Munnar 5 years back. Wonderful
    place for a serene holiday.

    Thanks for the pictures. May we call you our
    "Aasthana Photographer"!

  7. Nice Photos. It is a wonderful feeling of meeting people after so many decades. While you enjoyed it in person we enjoyed it in photos.

    Good luck.