Friday, February 10, 2017

Golden Jubilee Class of 67 Stanes High School Coimbatore

The class of 67 of my school, Stanes High School , Coimbatore, of which I am a part, celebrated their Golden Jubilee on 28 and 29 Jan 17 with a short function at school followed by a bash at Vision Resorts, Annaikatty. Attached below are a few photographs of the event.

 The crystal glass momento with all the names internally laser engraved 

 Group photo in the school hall. The lady in the middle is Mrs Alice Mathew, one of the only two surviving class teachers of our vintage, it was a Golden Jubilee for her as well as she joined the school in 67

 The better halves who accompanied us

 Lunch at Niligiri Biosphere reserve

Group photograph of classmates, their spouses and some children at the resort


Farewell dinner at Cosmopolitan Club, Coimbatore on 29th evening after the event

The official group photograph

Key chain gifted to all classmates

Views of the resort


  1. Super Snaps Col..must have been great meeting many of your classmates after such a long time!

  2. Col: Nice pics. How did ye-all manage to co-ordinate and get together at different places In Aanaikatti , Cosmopolitan, Ooty etc ? Who wore the bell around the neck?

    I usually see some award winning short films in Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, Telugu and Malayalam,Bengali late nights, and happened to see this Malayalam film - Back to School, immediately after your get- together. You should watch it. I remembered your recent get-together. You will recall your own events too !

    Back to School -National Award Winning Malayalam Short Film 2015 .

    1. Thanks. This event was in planning for a year that's how it was managed. We never went to Ooty. The bell was around my neck!
      Will try and watch the movie.