Sunday, December 25, 2016

Grand Finale IXL-2016

The finals of IXL-2016 were held at Hotel Royal Orchid, Bangalore. Ramki won the trophy making it a hat-trick of wins.
Some photographs of the event ...

The setting for the finale

Attempting the 21x21 preliminary CW, Vinoo's pose says it all

Another view of the preliminaries

Ochintya Sharma, the MC conducting the on stage round

 Ramki Krishnan, Arvind Ramaswamy, Abhay Phadnis on stage

Jose Abreu, Srividya Krishnaswamy, Vinoo Sanjay on stage 

Ochintya conducts the on stage round 

The audience 

 Another view of the audience

Ramki the hat-trick winner with Vivek Singh the mentor of IXL

It was Ramki all the way right from the first answer MARTIAL which he got in a flash, no one was anywhere close to him all through the two CWs of the on stage round as well as the buzzer round. So commanding was his performance that his score at the end was equal to the sum score of the two who were placed second and third 


  1. Thank you Col. for the excellent coverage. It was as if we were all there.

  2. Thanks for the pics Sir! Couldn't participate in the finals, because of the late invitation:(

  3. Thanks Col for the coverage..Could see familiar faces in the audience..CV Sir,Sowmya...Great event

  4. Congratulations once again to Ramki!Great win

  5. Looks like a well-organized event. Congrats to Ramki Ramkrishnan for a hat-trick win !

    Thanks Col, for the pics. Were there any video shots taken?

  6. Thoroughly enjoyed seeing the photos. I see a good gathering there.