Saturday, March 12, 2016

S & B Meet, 12 Mar 2016, Chennai

Here are some snaps from the S & B Meet held at Chennai. Unfortunately quite a few of us missed out on this one.

 Vijay (VJ), Ajeesh and Aakash

 Bhala and Rishikesh

 Vijay, Ajeesh, Aakash, Bhala, Rishikesh and Bhavan

Bhavan (Buzzer), Rishikesh (Gridman), Bhala (xChequer), Aakash (Exa), Ajeesh (Rainmon), Vijay (VJ/Vulcan), Ramki 

Bhavan, Rishikesh, Bhala, Ramki, Aakash, Ajeesh and Vijay

Shrikanth and Abhay missed the meet?


  1. Nice to see the photos. Exa is sporting a normal smile for a change :-D

  2. Reminds me of a joke Shuchi, ' A girl goes to a bar to have a drink, there is a drink called Mona Lisa cocktail in the menu. She asks the bartender what goes into it. The bartender says " bit of everything lady, but one thing is for sure, you have a couple of those and you can't wipe that silly smile off your face!"

  3. Glittering get-together...what was discussed?the latest Exa Puzzle?Or the latest fad in cluing techniques?

  4. Good pics! Setters galore! Did Bhavan get any crossword this time - a coffee theme perhaps? :)

  5. Nice photos. Seems to be the same venue as the one we had for the 2015 meet.

  6. Great to see all of ya hanging out.. sad i missed this one :( looks like same place - Presidency?

  7. How come the Col is missing? A selfie with all the participants should have been possible? Col : don't be so self-effacing !!

    In Kenya, we call all these as Patel shots ! call these as posterity shots. The snaps , of course, contain all the long and sho(r)t stags !!