Monday, April 7, 2014

Cars used by Kishore

Photographs of cars used by Kishore in the days of yore, with some comments from him

The Landmaster: Circa 1956. If I remember right. It was owned by Mr A Narayan Pai, who was the Chief Justice of Karnataka, whose son Dr A R "Sudhir" Pai, had lent it to my father in law. I drove it back from Mangalore to Bangalore for handing it back to him. The wispy wraith you see in front of the car is a ghost of my present self. the others in the picture are my in-laws, my wife and her grandfather. This was shot on the Mangalore - Kudremukh stretch, circa 1989.

Premier Padmini Circa 1985. First picture shows the Cow doing a jig on the bonnet (1995) and the second shows the boys ready to go to school around 2000. 


  1. Nice pics of 'Padmini' and Kishore's kids ! :)

  2. Nice pics. Thank you Col.
    Kishore- chances of going back to your 'wispy' self?!