Sunday, October 20, 2013

Micro S&B at Hyderabad

Some photographs of the Micro S&B held at Minerva House, Hyderabad on 19 Oct 13

Mukundala Balasubramanyam urf MB

Raghu says, yours truly with Ramesh. The young guy in the blue T is yours truly. Ramesh is the other guy.

The Three Musketeers from Hyderabad (Actually 2 S's and a B)

I wonder why our lady musketeer from the twin cities could not attend.


  1. 3 cheers ! The 3 M's without Milady ? Hugo cannot be a victor then. D'Art, where are thou !

  2. Replies
    1. And 4 becomes two companies.

    2. After the new Companies Act, even one can be company !

  3. Good start for micro S&B at Cyberabad. Where next, Delhi?

  4. I missed the meeting :(
    My sis's m-i-l passed away and I have been busy with the ceremonies and in-house guests.
    Thanks for sharing the pics Raghunath, Ramesh & MS.
    @Ramesh & MS: Where do you'll reside? I'm in Gachibowli - quite close to Hitech area.

    1. I live in Secunderabad, but work in Gachibowli. We should catch up sometime

    2. I reside at Madhura Nagar (forms a part of Vengal Rao Nagar) near Ameerpet. Thought you're from Madurai. We all missed you yesterday.

  5. I am shaking in mortal fear ! (I remember and old jungle saying that only the Phantom's wife can see his face). Any other who does that is at the end of his rope !

  6. @Ramesh: Definitely!
    @MS: I know Madhura Nagar. I used to stay in Srinagar Colony earlier.
    @Kishore :))))