Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Dinner with Raju at Coimbatore 21 Aug 12

Had a pleasent evening at home in Coimbatore with Raju and his wife Sapna along with my sister, her husband and common friends of theirs IK Govind (who retired as DGP of Tamilnadu) and his wife Raji, all (except me and my b-i-l) being theatre buffs, I'm sure Shuchi being one herself would have enjoyed their company too. Few pictures below.

 Sapna & Raju Umamaheshwar

 Sapna & Raju

Sapna, Raju, Satyanarayan (my b-i-l), Nirmala (my sister), Raji Govind, DGP IK Govind (Retd) and Self


  1. Nice pix, Deepak. I am intrigued by the yellow-black thingummy on the teapoy in the 3rd pic. Porcelain bowl?

    1. Nope. It's a candle in the shape of a Hippopotamus

  2. Where is the red 'model' shirt? We miss it for quite sometime.

  3. The famous Red T-shirt has retired!!

  4. Thanks Col for the pictures. Would like to meet Raju one day, I enjoy his posts.

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