Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Gopinaths

L to R : Vikram Gopinath (Elder son), Gita Gopinath (Wife), Renu Tadakal Gopinath(Vikram's wife), Capt Gaurav Gopinath. Photograph taken in Oct 2006 on the occasion of Vikram's marriage.


  1. @Col.: This is a very nice idea. Thanks for initiating it. From what I can tell looks like Vikram is going to be a spitting image of yourself as he grows older..Gaurav is a Capt. - looks almost too young to be one, what does Vikram do?

  2. Nice family. I am not sure, but I might have bumped into Vikram somewhere....

  3. Thanks Veer,

    Vikram has done his MCA and is presently working with a firm called 'SUPER VALU' here in Bangalore, he was with ORACLE till Dec last year.

    Thanks Kishore,

    As you too are in Bangalore you may have bumped into him at some mall or the other